A Trip to the Local Library Gone Awry

As some of you know, I have 3 children -1 five year old and two year old twins. One day, about a week ago, I decide to take them all to the library. I have taken them to the library multiple times before, but usually at times when it was basically empty. At our library, there is a children’s section that has one early learning station (fancy computer), some tables, puzzles, and a smaller section for babies. Usually they are well behaved and have fun.  
So I get to the library (and didn’t put the babies in the stroller). My son books it and starts running in circles. My oldest goes straight to the early learning station. The other two year old tries to sit at a regular computer. I catch my son and direct him towards the toys. He wants to play at the early learning station. He goes and starts to push his big sister.
At this point, I’m ready to go. They are getting loud. People are staring at me. I call them all so that we can head out the door. The oldest comes quickly. My son is running around. I go and grab him. I start to bring him towards the door. He resists while screaming and crying. I eventually let go. He hits his head on the carpeted concrete floor. He’s really screaming now. I pick him up and take him outside to stand and hold his sister’s hand. I grab the twin girl and take her to the others. I’m so embarrassed. People are shaking their heads, looking away, etc.
Once we are all outside together, I pick up my son and head over to the grassy area, where everyone calms down. I haven’t been back to that library since the incident.  
I talked to some other moms. Most said they have had similar experiences and that it was normal. Have you been embarrassed by your kids in public? Did you ever return to the place where it happened? .Type your paragraph here.